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UK Songwriters Contest Runner UpAfter finding success in the UK songwriters contest with his self penned song "A sad and lonely man" in 2007, Derek decided to finally take the creative side of his work a lot more seriously.

"Words, song titles and melodies took over most of my thoughts so I took myself away from the everyday world and began the process of sorting out each idea and recording it over and over until it began to make sense. A kind of musical "exorcism", for want of a better description.

I am writing more and more these days and with the magic of Logic software have found a place where I can let the creativity flow.

My songs are aimed at the 25 plus age group and cover the emotional ups and downs of the world we live in.

In Your Eyes
A Sad And Lonely Man
Stolen Moments
She Gets Away
An Empty House
Soul Of An Angel
Never Enough Time
More Than Friends
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Sad & Lonely Man EP CoverA Sad & Lonely Man EP
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Tracks include:
An Empty House
A Sad & Lonely Man
In Your Eyes

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